Online Streaming Classes

While we do hope to be back in the studio as quickly as possible, we encourage you to exercise regularly and ardently now. Don't wait. Your muscles and joints will thank you. Your general health, emotional wellbeing, and immune system will benefit.

We are actively creating online mat classes. We've decided to use Kimber's YouTube Channel. Everything we've produced is open to the public. You do not need to register to access the vidoes, though you'll need a Google account to subscribe to the channel or comment on a video. Again, classes are open to anyone, so if you have friends, neighbors, or relatives who you think would enjoy or benefit, please direct them to the videos.

Though we'd benefit from using a platform that supported payment, we've decided to open the videos free to the public, but ask for donations from those that can afford it. If you choose to donate, please be aware that we are a for-profit business and your donations are not tax-deductible. You will need a Pilates Reformed account to make donations (click Purchase, then choose a donation amount). We suggest a donation of $5-10 per class.

Kimber has been producing one or two videos per day. Please see the introductory video before starting. We currently have videos for beginner, beg/int and intermediate mat classes, plus stetch classes.

Current Classes


Yoga Mat: I recommend a comfortable surface for working out. Mats can make a huge difference. I like thick, to cushion my backbone. Thinner mats can be layered with towels as needed to help augment. My mat is 1/2" thick. There are many from which to choose; here is a suggestion.

Theraband: I recommend the long strips, but if you prefer the loops please invest in those. I do have latex-free bands in the studio. They don't seem to offer those for individual purchase; just be aware of the latex. Here's a suggestion. As an alternative, you can use a belt for many moves.

Stability Ball: Here's a suggestion. As an alternative, you can use a rolled towel.

Balance Pad: 13" X 15" is a good size. Whatever you choose, I would not go smaller. Here's a suggestion. Beware that home alternatives like towels or pillows may pose significant trip hazards.

Foam Roller: We have 40" x 6 " high density foam rollers in the studio, which allow for taller torsos to rest comfortably. They can be purchased through Balanced Body and likely other individual sports suppliers. Amazon carries on 36" length, which works for my 5'6 size, but may be short for taller people. A yoga block can help support your head with the shorter rollers.

Hand Weights: I'm having trouble finding weights that can be shipped right away. For reference, we have this barbell set at the studio. You can use bottles of water as an alternative. Beware using objects that may especially hurt or damage your floors if dropped.

Yoga Blocks: These can be helpful, but consider them optional. Here's a suggestion.