Support: Manage Credit Cards


Most businesses depend on one or more intermediate companies to handle credit card transactions. Pilates Reformed uses Square for all transactions, whether handled through our online app, Square's online app, or a card reader in the studio. In all cases, your credit card information is transfered securely over the internet. When you enter your credit card information into our online app, we do not have access to what you entered. It is uploaded directly to square; they share the semi-public card infomation with us (for example, last four digits and expiration date). By saving the card, it allows us to connect the card information stored at Square with your Pilates Reformed account.


Stored credit cards are always displayed for your selection on payment pages. You can add or remove cards anytime you wish. As stated above, your card information is stored only on Square's computers. On our systems, we store a pointer to your preferred card at Square. When you choose to save a credit card at the time of payment, we automatically set the card to be preferred, if no preferred card already exists. We also do this when a card is added using the credit card management page. Preferred cards are necessary for automated payments, like for monthly subscriptions (which are currently not available). They are also used for some specialty transactions, like those for cohort classes. Generally, if you ask us for something and you have a preferred card, we'll take care of it automatically. Otherwise, we'll follow up for payment instructions.

Manage Credit Cards

Click on any Log In or Sign Up link. Or simply go to our Online App.
Note: See Sign Up instructions if you're new to Pilates Reformed.

In the upper-right corner, click the down button. Then select Account.

In this example, in the Account section, you can see that there is No preferred Credit Card. Click Update to manage your stored cards.

Enter you credit card information, then click Add Card. This will store the card in Square's system, giving Pilates Reformed access to semi-public card information.

Some of the information you entered is now dislayed. Notice that the card's Preferred status is Yes. Clicking Disable will remove its preferred status.

On your Account page, notice that Credit Card has changed to Yes to indicate that you have a card stored that Pilates Reformed may automatically use for some transactions.